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Sketch a Day – 17 April 2010

  1. April 17, 2010 at 2:50

    aloha again altereebo – i see a number of people doing these sketch/day type things. it’s just plain fun to me. to see and to do – i may have to join in. . . altho knowing me i’d have to use a timer or i’d get lost in the process and go on for an hour or two thinking 10-15 minutes had passed.

    your postings are probably very quick – another plus as far as i’m concerned – (that’s something i like to be able to do as well altho it takes me a while to get things figured out well enough to do a posting quickly…)… however i am also curious about a couple of things or three. even approximations would help give me an idea about these:

    – size of the sketch
    – drawing utensil – or something like: “ink”, “graphite” etc.
    – time it took you to do it

    it’s understandable if you dont want to do this for a variety of reasons… and if this is too much to add time wise, that’s cool too, no worries.

    i like the texture and value you include sometimes – as in the side areas of this one.

    the bottom line for me is keeping it fun. if it’s fun, i’ll like doing it and i’m more apt to want to keep doing it daily. so fun on! aloha – Wrick

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